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Colour Consultation

We will tour the home with you and help recommend colours for each room that compliment the overall colour scheme of the home and fit your personal style.

Personalized Shopping

Whether it be for accessories, furniture or an entire home,  let us make your shopping experience stress-free and easy. Take a personalized shopping trip with our designer to local stores, and help select the perfect decor and accessories for your home.

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Interior Decorating is a skill that requires an eye for detail and design. Based on the client’s vision and needs of the space, Design Duo will create a beautiful interior within your budget. Interior Decorating is a hands-on approach that requires a formal education and years of experience to bring a plan to life.


Redesign is a decorating approach that will refresh a tired and outdated space. Using existing furniture in combination with up-to-date design elements, we create a new look for your home that will be functional and reflect your personal style! Lets make the most of what you have, and if neccesary add some new paint colours, furniture, artwork and accessories to bring new life into your home!

Floor Plans

An important part of redesign is rearranging and repurposing your existing furniture to fit perfectly into your new design. The decorator will measure and rearrange furniture to fit the new space, creating flow and functionality.  


Adding decor to the room personalizes your space, whether it be new furniture, artwork, bedding, accessories, window treatments, lighting, flooring, or counter tops!

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Interior Decorating and Redesign

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